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Regina Story

Regina Imports LLC was founded in 1969 by Edwin and Susanne Blate out of their love for winter sports and the outdoors.

Initially Regina imported various products from Switzerland and Italy for winter sports but it was not until their daughter Michelle was walking and skiing for the first time that the true vision of Regina was recognized.

Michelle needed a pair of winter boots so a pair of white baby moon boots were gifted to her, they were made in Italy since no such product was available at the time in the United States.

It was at that time Susanne and Edwin decided to look into importing winter après ski boots.

Their search brought them to Montebelluna which was and still is the center for après ski boots.

This is how Regina became what it is today, major importer of après ski boots made from fur, leather and other fine materials.

All Regina products are designed and hand crafted in Italy.


Mrs. Blate, Mr. Blate & Michelle at the Las Vegas Show

Mrs. Blate, Mr. Blate & Michelle at the Las Vegas Show

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